Sunday, October 12, 2008

naughty naughty Amy

Ok what happened is my Crazy cousin Amy knows my passwords and she wanted to put my pretty pic for all to see. I am very much allergic to peaches and my fam and I were canning them and making Jelly. I was helping kids peel the skin off peaches. I thought, I'm not eating them fine. I washed my hands and barely itched at my eyes I had allergies earlier that day from the wind and the weeds. This was the result.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

gunner brooklyn and cousins Jeremy and Ashley
Grandpa Flake teaching how to fish

Uncle Greg the great hunter

Having fun campin' in our toy hauler.


so sad the kids piled in the back of Aunt Trisha's camper and had a blast can't you tell.

I was so excited I watched this Hawk catch a fish and I caught this pic.
Dad teaching Gunner how to fish.

Enjoying life.
Brooklyn had been running and crashed and was a little upset.
Waiting for his fish , Gunner was bound and determined to catch a fish with this net.

Jaclyn and mom enjoying the shade. She pretty much hung out in the trailer the whole weekend and loved being out.
Uncle Wade rolled our 4-wheeler. Trisha was demonstrating how he looked.
Dancing queen

Gunner had fun playing in the mud. Then had fun spraying himself off on tramp. He had a blast!

Jax loves laying in the crease on the recliner.

Friday, October 3, 2008

KIDS- stories to remember

The last visit we had to the Valley I took Brooklyn to a couple stores for some school shopping. She told me she really wanted some sketcher shoes. Her little friend had some and she loooovvved them please..... So I took her into I think it was a Famous Footwear. We found some really cute sketchers she tried them on and began running around the store testing the shoes out. I was with my cousin Amy and we began looking at other shoes. All of a sudden we hear a loud crash and see boxes fly. I look up and there was Brooklyn she had ran into a shoe display. crashed pretty hard. She ran to me in tears I picked her up and she let me know "These sketcher's are too fast. I want to put them back." So needless to say she still has no sketcher's ..!

The other day we were loading in the car to run some errands. Gunner had a handful of toys and his things. He told me "mom I need a bag. " I told him ok I went to grab a shopping bag from the grocery store. He told me no . I could see his little mind thinking as he stared at his big sister Brooklyn's newly bought Hannah Montana purse (a gift from Grandma Greer!) "I need a purse a MAN purse" I started dying laughing and had Gun call his dad, to ask him what he thought. Well, dad wasn't happy and told him that is for fags.(sorry) Gunner still didn't care and insisted on the "Man Purse". I took him to the dollar store and he did look at the purse's, but decided on a halloween bag that is black with a scary face. He calls it, his Man purse, but it is mean. Needless to say he doesn't care what anyone thinks he loves his man purse!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I haven't up dated for long time so here we go! We have had several visits to different docs. They have all been pretty good! Just a little scary to hear things that we could expect. None of which have happened. They had last told us that we could take her off her feeding tube during the day Yea!!! She only has to be on the feeding pump at night for 10 hrs.
She still has to leave the tube in her nose all the time :( because, it makes her sore to pull it out and put it back in everyday and night. She is drinking the nasty formula they make her take like a champ though. We have a certain amount within so many hours she needs to drink and she now goes above and beyond. When we say she is a trooper she really is. A smart little thing to she figured out how to flik that little tube out of her stomach through her throat and out her nose in one quick second we had a week there i couldn't even literally blink. She is doing a little better with that she relized it hurts shoving that thing back in every night.

the speacilist and the surgeon both thought her spleen was still enlarged and were a little nervous about that. They let Jeff and I know it would not take much for them to put her on the donor list now. But, she surprised them yet again well she will when they hear her latest test results we just had drawn here in Showlow. One of Jaclyn's other docs here used to work with all her docs from Phoenix Childrens ,and retired in Showlow how lucky are we he opened a pediactric office on the mountain. We still have visits to the valley but we don't have to take quite as many as normal since Dr. Barela is here in Showlow we can make some of the visits there, and can have her lab tests done here on the mountain as well. Anyways, the latest results came back and the numbers were awesome. They pretty much are what any other kid would have. They show a slight irritation to the liver But ,good heck she just had a huge surgery. So all in all her Kasai Surgery worked and still is working so that will just buy our little girl some more time. We need her older! Who knows hopefully soon one of these briliant Doctors will have come up with something new and she will be able to grow her self a new liver.
It will happen! We'll keep thinking postive and praying! For now she is sick but very happy and healthy for the time being!!!!!!

We are all enjoying hanging out and enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having and each other and all our time together. We all are truly blessed! I Love MY little family!